May 20th, 2011

For whatever reason you choose to homeschool your children the first thing that you are likely to realize is that it costs quite a deal more than sending them to a public school. Homeschooling supplies are quite easy to come by however many might be surprised to see the cost that they entail. However, there are many places in which one might find homeschool supplies for cheaper than in the stores. is an excellent resource fro used curriculum that may only be a year or so old. In addition, for simple classroom supplies such as notebooks, pencils, multiplication tables and more the dollar store has a wide variety for homeschooling parents to choose from. They also boast a great selection of stamps and stickers for you to use when rewarding your child or simply when you care grading their papers. There are also many free printable worksheets and internet websites that promote educational learning that there is no charge for.

These resources do not have to limited to the classroom however. Your children can learn an immense amount knowledge by visiting museums and zoological parks. In fact most students will learn more from having a hands on experience rather than sitting in a classroom day after day. Most museums are free or have many days during the year in which there is no charge to homeschool students. There are also free days at your local zoo. While these days may be only limited to a few times a year it is well worth the wait for what your child will learn and the memories you will make.Still bored? Click to continue: Ask the Grad – Tricia Lewis

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