June 20th, 2011

Creating age appropriate curricula for children being home schooled can be an extremely challenging task. Even the investigation of various schools and online providers can bring varying results. To assist in implementing the correct level of education for home schooled children, it is a good idea to evaluate surrounding schools from the beginning. Some schools will even provide assistance with written tests or evaluations for your home schooled child, in order to assist you in obtaining the correct level of educational materials.
Since some children are far more advanced than others, placement type testing can be very beneficial. It would be a waste of time to obtain materials that educate your child on things he or she has already mastered. The most beneficial solution would be locate and apply educational materials that are a small step above the child’s current test level, providing just enough challenge to keep he or she interested, without causing the child to become overwhelmed and frustrated.
There are numerous web-stores that provide curriculum for home schooled children, and it might be beneficial to inquire with their customer service representatives. A quick web search can also locate nearby stores that provide this type of material as well. Another option is to simply talk to a few teachers or other homeschooling parents. After all, experience is knowledge.

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