September 23rd, 2011

Books and materials for the parents of homeschooled children can be a huge expense; however, there are ways to homeschool for little to no money. There are many options available for parents when deciding on curriculum for their homeschoolers. Websites and forums geared specially to homeschool families offer reviews on different homeschool publishers. Homeschool parents; on a whole, are very willing to share resources, reviews, and tips on the best available products that will work for your family.
The internet has a wealth of information on free resources for your child. These resources include entire free curriculum’s, worksheets, lap-books, documentaries, and online free video classes. The biggest problem will be choosing from all the available resources. The only expense for the vast majority of this curriculum is ink and printer paper.
There is a massive availability of used textbooks for very little money. These materials can be found on homeschool forums, online auction websites, and through used curriculum dealers. Local homeschool groups can be a treasure trove of information and available textbooks. Most of the members of these groups sell the material when they are finished for a fraction of the cost of new. The biggest decision will be deciding what books and materials will work best for your homeschooled children.

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