September 25th, 2011

Establishing an educational environment for homeschooled children is quite simple. Implementing a few basic ideas will give your children an area to study and learn. An area of the home specifically set aside for homeschooling, will help make your day flow easier.
If possible, pick a room that will be used just for homeschooling. Having a designated area will help your child know where school work will be accomplished. Fill the designated room with a variety of materials. Hang maps on the walls for easy reference. A file cabinet can be used to hold papers and transcripts. Utilize a bookcase for textbooks, educational magazines and reference books on various subjects. Organize the bookshelves by grade level, that way your child will instantly know where to find their materials.
Decide on a basic daily schedule. A dry erase marker board is a fabulous way to track daily work, field trips, and unit studies. Having your daily schedule at the ready, shows your child what will be expected each day. Listing field trips or co-op classes, gives your child incentive for finishing daily work. Establishing a room just for educational purposes gives your child structure and allows a balance between school and home.

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