Methods for Teaching Homeschooled Children Appropriate Social Skills

“What about socialization?’ As a homeschool parent, I often hear this question. Many families with friendly, well adjusted, and polite children have learned social skills during interactions at home and in the community.

Social skill training begins at home. Teach your children to be polite, kind, and courteous with good table manners and assigned chores. Practice sharing, taking turns, and sportsmanship during game time. Participate in frequent extended family outings to expose children to various age groups. Teach your children leadership skills and confident public speaking by holding debates and public speaking challenges during school. Use memorized poetry or written speeches to teach speech clarity and proper eye contact.

Practice acceptable public behavior before leaving the house. Role-play a grocery store visit or a play date. Be a model for your children. Treat others with respect when you drive, take meals to the elderly or new moms, and speak kindly about others. Your children watch and learn from your behavior.

Avoid isolation, and equip your children with a worldview. Join a church youth group, Sunday School class, or homeschool co-op. Pursue a hobby or sport in a 4-H club or other organization. Visit the local library for story time. Schedule playtime at a local playground and meet other children after school or on weekends. Read the newspaper together and discuss social issues and other cultures in the world. Volunteer in a retirement home or local rescue mission.

Invite the neighborhood children over for group games like baseball or tag. Supervise and participate to ensure everyone gets along and treats each other kindly. If a child behaves badly, use that incident as an object lesson for your children.

When we look around, we find numerous social activities for our children. Begin at home and watch them flourish socially in the community!

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