Tips for Appropriately Socializing Homeschooled Children

For homeschoolers looking for ways to teach their children social skills, a large variety of opportunities is available.

The first option is the easiest; go looking for what’s already there. Team sports are excellent at teaching cooperation, and many sports are not tied to the school systems. Churches, scout groups, and 4H clubs are also great organizations for encouraging your children to socialize and learn to work together.

If you’re looking to go past these organizations, then a good idea would be to get to know your neighbors. Many of them likely have children near your own kids’ ages and would be receptive to any suggestions you’d make. Possibilities could include a day of camping, a trip to the park, or perhaps the children could start a community garden. Anything that encourages them to work together toward a common goal is invaluable.

Another source of inspiration is your child himself. If he has a particular interest, encourage him to volunteer his time in a way that expands his knowledge and experience. Museums and hospitals come to mind. Also, if you live in the country, a child with a love of animals could likely find a good number of people eager to share the chores associated with horses, pigs, etc, with an enthusiastic helper.

The main thing to keep in mind is to be aware of opportunities. Socializing is essential, not only with a child’s peers but with ALL of society, and there are many possibilities to explore in pursuit of that.The hits keep comin’: The Effects of Homeschooling on Children’s’ Social Skills

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